Taylor Global Consult's mission statement to provide consultant wisdom and global connectivity to individuals, foundations, churches and others who care, in order to leverage their impact in significant projects around the world.


TGC offers consultancy services and vision–casting with individuals, foundations and trusts, churches, mission agencies, theological education and missionary training schools and other groups.


Building qualitative one-on-one relationships through:

- Personalized mentoring
- Professional executive coaching
- Longer-term apprenticeship/internships in global servant leadership


- These mentoring, coaching and internship relations are scaled in time and costs.
- The preferred personal relationship is face to face in Austin, Texas, but can be adjusted if needed. Telephone calls, Skype and all other correspondence complement the direct contact.
- The consultancy fee is adjusted to the specific person or group and can be requested.

I want to serve as a personal and global bridge, a facilitator of God’s purposes, a servant of the Church and its leadership, a builder of human and Christian community, a man who listens to dreams and fears, a reproducer, a mentor.–William Taylor

Our life-long commitment and passion in world mission has been to extend the Kingdom of God where it does not exist and strengthen it where it is present in the church. In other words, full-orbed proclamation of the Gospel to establish worshipping communities of Jesus (i.e., “churches”), and fully-empowered strengthening of the Body of Christ in the person and work of the Spirit. We want to establish Kingdom outposts around the world, responding to the cutting edge concerns of global mission leadership. We want to see the Church of Christ on the move in all of its forms; serving within cultures and cross-culturally; near and far; home and abroad; evangelizing and discipling; proclaiming and serving’ expanding and missiologizing; weeping and sowing. And having said all, we want to finish well, with integrity, faithful to our calling and our marriage vows, close to the Father’s heart.–Bill and Yvonne’s life-long commitment and passion

There should no theology that does not relate to the mission of the church—either by being generated out of the church’s mission or by inspiring and shaping it. And there should be no mission of the church carried on without deep theological roots in the soil of the Bible. No theology without missional impact; no mission without theological foundations.–Christopher J. H. Wright, “Biblical Theology for Life: The Mission of God’s People”, Zondervan, 2010, p. 20

It is not so much the case that God has a mission for his church in the world, as that God has a church for his mission in the world. Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission—God’s mission.–Christopher J. H. Wright, “The Mission of God: Unlocking the Bible’s Grand Narrative”, IVP Academic, 2006, p. 62

Many of the recent and profound changes in the context and sources of Christian missionary activities can be attributed to God’s own initiative. Such disruptions demand reflection about implications for the work of evangelical mission organisations and leaders worldwide. God himself is also disturbing mission today. Creative initiatives contrast to traditional ways of doing mission. God is blowing his holy wind in places and through ways that we could never imagine some years ago.–Bertil Ekström, Executive Director, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

The time for unilateral mission is over. The rightly-called Global South Church in Mission is increasingly involved and leading the mission enterprise. We are also part of a messy reality of power and leadership transitions, religious confrontation, political uncertainty, economic power-imbalance, ecclesiastical competition, mission complexity and pluralistic views of the Gospel. We are carefully listening to our younger missional generation, who do not accept simplified truth, reductionist descriptions of the world and three-step, short-cut strategies “to finish the job”.–Bertil Ekström, Executive Director, World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission

Many people claim that the younger leaders are the leaders of tomorrow, but I want to challenge the thought with the following statement; Much of the changes taking place around the world today are already due to younger leader’s influence. –Adriaan Adams, South African younger mission leader